Retail Private Label Program

Affiliate Programs

Today manufacturers put distributors in a policing role. They ask you to enforce their wishes to curtail Internet sales and ultimately force you into conflict with your own web-savvy dealers.

FWS invites you to go a step further and embrace the web as the new "Yellow Pages." Don't fight your dealers, but instead support them by providing them with a web and e-commerce solution.

When you offer private label products, we suggest that you provide your dealers with a web catalog that they can link to on their websites with full e-commerce capabilities. Allow them to decide whether they just sell samples or sell flooring, and let them set their own pricing.

By leveraging your private label website, all its capabilities, and its link to your ERP, you allow your dealers to educate and sell on their own websites!

You then execute on their behalf in the background, and they get the margin. Support both your dealers and the end users who want to buy on the web. It's affiliate marketing at its best.

Pricing Applications

With every one of your customers wanting special pricing, distribution has undergone an explosion in the number of price levels and special deals created over the last few years.

Mostly, the sales force handles this with verbal or e-mailed quotes, and attempts to follow up by creating customized price lists in MS Excel, which then must be kept current and matched in your ERP.

This nightmare is only growing in complexity. To market distributors' private label lines, at FWS offers pricing applications that allow you to create both general customer-class price lists as well as customer-specific price lists. We can then tie this information to specific customer types and /or individual customers based on their login. This allows customers to get their current prices and price lists automatically. This information can be pushed back into your ERP, acting as your pricing master.

Let us show you more on how to manage the pricing explosion.

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